Add value to your relationships efficiently with benchmarking

Fast, professional and flawless data collection, analysing and reporting.

Compare2Compete helps organizations to implement benchmarks between their members, branches or customers efficiently. We do this based on our own unique online software. This software allows you to benchmark continuously, analyse and report without much processing time.

Your benchmark could be operational within one day.

With the SaaS benchmark software of Compare2Compete your benchmark could be operational within one day. You can start collecting the necessary data immediately. With a few clicks you can create valuable analyses and reports.


Why benchmarking?

By offering a benchmark, your clients or members get unique management information that enables them to make better decisions. By comparing their data against that of similar companies, organizations gain more insight into their performance and expectations.

In this way, you will achieve two major objectives:

  • You give your relations unique information, which enables them to make better decisions
  • You position yourself as an indispensable and trusted advisor that pushes its service to the next level. This allows you to increase the value of your advice, resulting in loyal customers and upsell opportunities


Benchmarking is interesting for all kinds of organisations.
In many cases, benchmarks are carried out by:

Compare2Compete was established to facilitate these organizations. With customized benchmarking studies, simple data collection, error-free analyses and reports without manual work.

We do not work for organizations participating in a benchmarking, but for those who organize a benchmark.

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